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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Educational and technological Scope , various opportunities for career making

Imporatnce of Educational qualifications for making career in Technology Field

Tehnological field is so vast that there are numerous fields which one can persue for his future .First step before deciding particular technological field is what are your interests and what are the opportunities in that field thereafter you can start to prepare for educational qualifications required for that particular field . First of all let us see what are broader technological fields for making career:


Engineering in itself is a very vast field ranging from Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Communications, Mining, Instrumentation, Information Technology, Computer science etc. etc.These engineering branches may be further divided in numerous fields for doing masters and further research can be done at micro , nano level.
  Thus choosing one for an indiavidual is really dilemma.


Architecture one field which is very popular now a days ,due to vast infrastructure development in all major developing countries. Architecture is all about designing individual buildings to new cities keeping in mind the ecosystem and future requirements.


Medical is one of very important career prospects new generation is looking for .Medical field including doctors, pharmaceuticals, Diognistics, has alsoa great potential with the growing health issues and challenges of maintaing health of exponentially growing population


Textile is also very interesting field . Now a days interest of people has grown towards fashion. Altough textile industry faces ups and down as it depends on verious seasons .Still people dream about making career in this field.

        Above are the few mainstream fields for students who are looking to make their careers .Other fields which are open for  students to make are listed below:
1. Finance and accounting.
2. Banking services.
3. Recycling 
4. Broadcasting
5. Writing
6. Painting.
7. Editing.
8. Filmmaking.
10. Transport
11. BPO.
12. Translation.
13. Service provider.


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