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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Why India is going to be investment Hub for advance technologies?

Why India Is Going to be Hub for innovations?

It’s obvious that being second most populated country of the world India is big consumer base of the world. Although India is still a developing country, there are various reasons why India is going to be heaven for investors and global hub for innovations:

1.      Low per capita income in India:

As India is still a developing country its per capita income still quite low compared to most of the Asian and European countries.India is at the 144th position in terms of per capita GDP as per reports of 2016 . Thus lobour cost in india is not going to increase rapidly , thus giving fair chance to new investors for investment in India for long term .

2.      India is Youngest country in the World:

Average age of Indians will be 29 years in 2020 , thus there is not going to be any shortage of workforce in India for nearly 30 years.  

3.      Hard working Indians:

It is also well established fact that Indians are more hard working compared to  the nationals of other countries and has contributed a lot in world economy.

4.     Shield to Indian Economy from Shocks from external effects:

It is seen in the past that Indian Economy has absorbed various shocks of recession like year 2008 , while many countries suffered a lot . The main reason for that is the availability of huge market for industry, and that opportunity was tapped by Indian Industries to negate the the effect of global recession.

5.      Government’s initiative to compete with the world:

Since 2014 Indian Government has focused on competing to the world in every field by implementing various reforms in Indian economy , required to get global attention like GST, Make in India initiative, huge expenditure in infrastructure development and opening new sectors for foreign investment like food and defense.

6.      Emerging as a Global power

India is emerging as a global power and having good relations with most of the countries in the world except few. India has made a great achievement in the space industry .ISRO is making new landmark every year. India is inviting defense Industry Giants across the world to develop defense equipment's in India for Indian Army and  for selling to other countries as well.


7. Investment in Renewable Energy

Indian to fulfill its commitment to reduce carbon emission is investing huge in renewable energy resources like Solar Energy, Wind energy and also working on electrical vehicle policy. Thus opening doors for investment in these areas. Indias is building big Solar park in Gujarat , Madhya pradesh and other states. 

Various other factors like geographical location of India, and other socio-economic conditions are in india’s favour to make best investment destination in the world.
When such a desirable conditions are available in India then nothing can stop India becoming global hub for innovations as well. Govt. of India has shown its clear intention to walk with time . Rapid growth of 4G network and preparations for 5G network are the few example where India has shown that it is going to change very rapidly.

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