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Friday, November 23, 2018

Things to do during Engineering for better career

While you are doing your Engineering there are lot of things to do , many students think that they will prepare for Jobs in third year or Final year . It is to keep in mind that lakhs of Engineers are coming every year with degree but there is shortage of quality Jobs in India. To get one you have to beat the competition .Let us see the options available for  Engineering Graduate after completing Engineering Degree:

1.    Best option is to get on campus placement in company of your core branch if you get an opportunity or IT sector if possible.

2.    Qualify GATE exam with good score and be get shortlisted in any of the Government and public sector Jobs.

3.    Pursue Higher Education for which you require Good GATE score for MTech , CAT/GMAT score for MBA, GRE and IELTS for MS from Foreign University.

4.    Qualify exams of State PSC ,SSC and other state government exams.

5.    Qualify IES(Engineering Services) for selection in railways, DOT etc. government departments.

6.    Clear Exams of Bank PO or Specialist officer in Banks to get Banking sector jobs.

7.    Last option is to look for off campus selection for which you have to go to Bangalore or other big cities to appear for exams conducted by various companies from time to time.

   From the above options nobody would want to go for last option ,searching of Job. Because in off campus also various things other than your knowledge plays significant role. Private companies recruits most of the time on the basis of referrals when vacancy is less. For referrals you need to have good contacts with your college seniors so that they can refer you in their companies. 

Then What Should You Do ?

It is always better to start early ,during you Engineering:

1)    It’s is always better to get good technical knowledge whatever your branch is so that you could perform well in GATE examination because it will open two options for you government/public sector Jobs and Higher Education.

2)    If you want to  go for MBA then start working on your English, Aptitude , English speaking etc. so that you can perform well in CAT/GMAT examinations.

3)     Always work on your communication skills, participate in extra- curricular activities, try to get as much exposure you can get because it will help everywhere.

4)    If you want to go in Non-Engineering fields like Civil Services exams, Banking Sector Jobs etc it is  better to start early as there is huge competition.

5)     If you want to go abroad for higher education then start preparing for GRE/IELTS , and enquire about the expected expenditure , source of scholarships, good universities etc.

It is better to prepare well in advance because after completing your degree it becomes very difficult to maintain your confidence with the passage of time if not get employed timely.

 Always Keep in mind ,”Rome Was Not Built in A  Day” similarly for good career you have  to work hard and work continuously .

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