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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Why Jobs in Govt sector & PSU is a compromise with career growth

What is a better option A Govt./PSU Job or a Private Job?

While undergoing higher education students dreams of getting good jobs .When time comes to make choice for Jobs most of the people prefers going for a Government Jobs of Public sector Jobs. Although it is a herculean task to get a Govt./PSU Job it offers a very good start to the eligible candidates ,obviously confusing the aspirants. 

Why Govt/PSU Job is a Compromise with future for talented Aspirants

While the mindsets for old people is still that getting a Govt./PSU job is like securing  future of you and your family .The scenario is changing rapidly with abolition of pension to Govt./PSU employees recruited after year 2004. Although Govt/PSU jobs are offering very good starting salary compared to most of the private companies ,but the annual growth rate is average and your talent or potential doesn't contribute too much. Not Just the growth rate but there are various others things which are really frustrating in these jobs , few are listed below:

1. Deficit of skilled staff 

   Due to rapidly changing technological advancements old recruited staff becomes inefficient in the need of proper training and late adaptation by the Govt/PSU sector. Most of the old staff have assured pension benefits and lethargic attitude as well.One can not expect with people with age of 50 years  and above to be as efficient as a young employee.

2. Lack of sufficient administrative powers to the controlling officers 

There are administrative powers with name sake with the controlling officers .They can not take any immediate action easily to their subordinates , there are certain protocols or guidelines which are to be followed with personal interests and time consuming. Thus young officers joining as Government servant or PSU officer gets frustrated .

3. No Guarantee of Career growth 

  Although there are certain guidelines for career growth but number times this is not ensured due to Litigations in the courts by the employees itself. With the implementation of 3rd PRC govt. has shown intent of abolishing rule of pay revision after every 10 years which will be a big blow to the careers of young officers who have sufficient career left in PSU(Public sector Units) companies. To earn revenue Govt. is selling its stake in PSU companies thus opening doors for privatization of PSU's .
 While on the other hand in private companies you may get various better offers of Jobs based on your skill and thus providing better career growth options. 

4. No stability Due to Transfer

As transfer policy in Govt./PSU is not fully transparent , good people had to suffer sometimes due to frequent transfer at different locations thus no stability of family life and education of children. Although few Govt/Public sector organisations provides facility of education to children of the employees but number such organization is not very high.

5. Very low chance of Further Education once joined 

As many people think that after joining in Govt./PSU organization they can pursue higher education and easily get better options in future .But its really very difficult  to get permission for Higher education in Govt./PSU organization due to shortage of staff .

6. No opportunity of On JOB foreign Visit

Its is quite common in private companies to send employees in foreign countries for any project or training, but in Govt or PSU it is day dream to get such a chance .

7. Responsibility without Resources

Its is very difficult to get all the resources timely in Govt/PSU while fulfilling your responsibility. Higher officials always try to evade their responsibilities and held their subordinates for any fault or task failure in the need of proper support or resources. Although it is not the case everywhere .

These are few things which makes opportunities in private companies better then Govt./PSU job but there are different kind of people . Many of us don't want to face regular competitive environment in private companies . For better career growth one need to switch companies and locations . Career growth is very important aspect of Job but quality time with family is one which is very difficult to get in most of the private companies .

In conclusion it can be said selection of Job  is based on  one's priority in the life . If fast career growth and money is the priority then preference should be given to the private Job but if stability and somewhat social security is the motto Govt./PSU job must be the choice.

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