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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Want to do PHD , directly after B.Tech

For doing PhD eligibilty is Pot Graduation , but wait are you an Engineering Graduate(B.E/B.Tech) , then you need not have Masters degree to be eligible for PhD. Yes, you hear it right, there are two main options available for Engineering Graduates for Doing PhD directly after Engineering-

1. Dual degree MTech+ PhD through Gate examination.

2. Directly apply for PhD .

    First option of Dual degree was available there for few years now, but second one is new one. Now let us know the selection criteria and other details in both the options mentioned above.

1. Dual Degree(MTech+PHD)

 Most of the IIT's and few NIT's are offering dual degree in various disciplines .Course duration is 3 to 7 years . Although it is very difficult to complete PhD within 3 years because of the thesis work is related with PhD. Average duration which student varies from 5 to 7 years.

selection procedure

Selection procedure varies from college to college. Valid Gate score  is a must , written exam may or may not be conducted by the college depending on the number of candidates , Interview is conducted by Every college. In few colleges minimum 60 % marks in Engineering is required and Somewhere 70% or CPI of 7 to 8 is required.

Financial Assistance or Fellowship 

During first two years fellowship of 8000 to 16000 Rs.  provided depending on the college and 10000 to 25000 Rs. for 3rd to 5th Year. No Fellowship is  be provided beyond 5 years.

Students receiving assistantships from the Institute or fellowships from any funding other agencies , 
are  required to perform academic duties as per prevailing norms.

The continuation of the assistantship/fellowship is subject to satisfactory performance of the assigned duties and satisfactory progress of the student in the Dual (MTech +PhD) degree programme.

2. PhD After B.Tech(Start-early Ph.D. fellowship)

This is a new initiative launched by IIT Gandhinagar for providing Engineering graduates chance of Doing PhD without doing MTech or ME .The objective of this programme is to put promising young undergraduate students from diverse disciplines on the fast-track mode of cutting edge technological research in order to prepare them to participate in the process of nation building .

Selection procedure

As per Notification no Gate score is  required . Candidate selection is based on the  academic performance and Interview . Written examination may be there.


  • Rs. 35,000/- per month (with valid GATE score)
  • Rs. 25,000/- per month (without GATE score)

Benefits of PhD over MTech

If you are thinking about doing PhD then definitely you must be a patient worker and interest in research work . Because after doing B.Tech most of the students want to get Job and earn, while few want have masters degree before starting there career . But to wait for another 4 to 5 years for after doing B.Tech you need to really hard working.

While going for PhD directly one get expect good college with comparatively low GATE score as most of the candidates with god GATE score prefers MTech over PhD. 

If you are having plan to do PhD in near future then direct PhD will definitely save few years.

Career progression after PhD is far better compared to B.Tech and M.Tech candidates. 

There is better opportunity in Education field after PhD as students doing PhD are more keen to learn and teach.

These two options are available for most of the Engineering Branches but if you want to do  Ph.D / Integrated Ph.D Programme in Physics or Theoretical Computer Science or Neuroscience or Computational Biology the you can also apply for JEST.

What Is JEST?

JEST is Joint Entrance Screening Test.Applicants who are expected to complete their final examinations by August of each year are also eligible to appear for the JEST exam of that year.The Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) (statutory body established through an Act of Parliament) recognizes JEST as a National Eligibility Test (NET) in their office Memo vide OM No.SB/S9/Z-01/2015.  Fellows working in SERB programmes and qualified in NET are eligible to get enhanced fellowship.


Brandon Stevan said...

Thanks, for sharing this education-related blog post with us. My team work on education-related things and share all topics with students at Typical Student.

Zayden Wood said...

Youa are saying right that there is no need of master degree to do Phd course. You will waste your time and money. I think second option is best. Students can directly apply. There are lot of career opportunities in Phd rather doing than b-tech. All Saints University provide medical courses MBBS, Phd etc with affordable tution fees.

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