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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Why Engineering branch doesn't matter for your career in India .

While joining as a student in an Engineering college students remains very cautious in selection of branches many think Mechanical branch is good , some thinks IT & computer science & some wishes to get Engineering in Electronics and communications. But  coming to real world after completing degree it is realized that just selection of branch can't decide your career . This is very controversial statement but there are reasons for it.

1) Job Opportunities in Non Engineering Fields

 If you see various sector starting from Banking , Government sector, Public sector everywhere there are Engineers working  at different roles. While in Banking sector in India one need to Qualify IBPS and Bank P.O. exams , every Engeineer can appear and get selected.

2) Software Industry doesn't filter Engineers based on Branches

Number of software companies doesn't bother which branch of engineering candidate belongs to .They Just check basic aptitude, and basic knowledge of Programming which is known to every engineer. CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella is having degree in Electrical Engineering ,Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google is having Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgical Engineering ,well Known N.R. Narayan Murthy founder of Infosys is having  Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, list is endless which clearly states that Engineer s excel in any field they choose .

3) Startups 

Now a days setting up a business is quite easier because of funding from big industry houses. Any business with unique idea and good business plan easily attracts funds. Their have been various cases where Engineering graduates rejected job offers to live their dream of being and Entrepreneur.

4) Limited opportunities in core sector

There is acute shortage of vacancy in core branches for Engineers  . While software industry has offered sufficient jobs to all branches . There is very tough competition for  Electronics, Instrumentation, Metallurgy, Biochemical ,Electrical engineers,  etc.  in the core sector .

5) Opportunities in Civil Services and State PSC 

Number of Engineers qualify for Civil services and state PSC exams every year belonging to different branches . Few of them left their prestigious jobs to fulfill their dream of being a civil servant .Here also it doesn't matter which particular Engineering branch you belong to, you need to crack the exam and get selected.

So keeping above points in mind no Engineering student should bother about their branch and career opportunities for that particular branch .

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