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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Expected Salary of New JTO in BSNL with details

Expected Salary of New JTO in BSNL

BSNL recruits Engineering Graduates at the post of JTO which is Group B non-Gazette Post at E1 Grade .
E1 scale in BSNL strats with basic salary of 16400.

Salary in BSNL comprises of-  

Basic+ D.A +HRA+ TA+ Professional upgradation allowance

1. Basic salary of JTO-  Rs. 16400

2. Dearness Allowance(DA) in October 2018-(135.60% of Basic)  Rs. 22238

3. House rent allowance(H.R.A.) – According place of posting(30% ,20%, 10% for class A, B, and class C cities)

            We take for class C (10%of Bsic salary)city - Rs. 1640

4. Transport Allowance TA- Rs 500

5. Professional upgradation allowance-(2% of Basic) Rs. 328

 So Total Salary of new JTO on posting- Rs.41106 for class C cities
                                                                  Rs.42746 for class B cities
                                                                  Rs. 43386 for class A cities

 This is the salary calculated as per 2nd PRC as still 3rd pay revision is not implemented in BSNL. As  per 3rd PRC recommendation ,if profit before Tax of PSU in last three years is positive then only a company can afford 3rd PRC recommendation . If Government invokes affordability clause to implement 3rd PRC in BSNL ,salary will be decided on what percentage of fitment is provided to the employees.

Expected Salary of JE in BSNL

Annual Growth in Salary in BSNL

BSNL gives 3% of basic salary as annual increment to its employees and D.A (in % of Basic)increases quarterly as per inflation , it is same for all PSU's . Average growth is nearly 10 % may vary depending upon DA increase in four quarters.

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