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Sunday, December 30, 2018

What is Wireless network and its types

Wireless network and It’s Types Available in India

As the name suggest itself wireless network is network of connected computers or mobile devices without wire.

Ambiguity and extension of one month for new Broadcasting Regulations by TRAI

How Wireless Network is created?

To create wireless network , access points are to be installed which can be connected by Laptops , mobiles and other wireless devices, thus making a wireless network.

Wireless Internet

When access points for wireless network are connected to Internet or Wide area network all the device connected with the access points are connected to Internet Service.

Difference between Wireless Internet service and Mobile Internet service

While it seems as there is no difference in Wireless Internet service and mobile internet service But Wireless Internet service has limitation that it is available upto certain range , while Mobile internet can be accessed anywhere with availability of mobile network.

Mobile internet services are not standalone services as voice services are provided along with internet while wireless internet service provides Internet service alone.

Types of Wireless Internet Services

Hotspots, and Wi-Fi broadband are the wireless Internet services while 3G & 4G provides mobile Internet services. 

Wireless Internet Service providers

Telecom operators AIRTEL and BSNL provides wireless internet services. BSNL provides wireless internet services using HotSpots and Broadband Wi-fi.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has already installed more than 15000 public wi-fi hotspots at famous tourist places and important places.

BSNL also provides Wi-fi broadband in all major cities. This wi-fi broadband service of BSNL is having very good download and upload speeds and can cover upto 5 km of distance from BSNL exchange.

Google’s project Loon for Wireless Internet

In 2016 Google was allowed to test its Project loon in India to provide wireless Internet. Project loon is a project of Google to provide internet services using floating balloons at 20 Km height in stratosphere above earth. Using these balloons Google can provide transmission of internet service. This project is already tested in New Zealand, California and Brazil.

Google was demanding spectrum in 700 Mhz to test this project but Government rejected this request and suggested to partner with telecom operators. While Google was in talks with Government Owned BSNL for Spectrum sharing ,this project could not be kick started in the need of permission from DGCA citing security reasons and no clear policy.

According to project loon website the life of such balloons is 190 days and data transfer can take place between two balloons upto distance of 100 km making network of these balloons and bu connecting them to service provider on the earth these balloons can provide wireless internet speed upto 10 Mbps to the consumers.
 This project is of great importance for far-flung areas where providing and maintaining  Internet services is really difficult.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Ambiguity and extension of one month for new Broadcasting Regulations by TRAI

Extension of one month for new Broadcasting Regulations by TRAI

As new boadcasting regulations issued by TRAI were to be implemented from today 29-12-2018 , cable operators in various parts of India opposed the decision by TV blackout.

Keeping the confusion among distributors and consumers TRAI extended due date for migration to new regime for one month upto 31st January 2019.

What is the problem with new Regulations

Important points in TRAI's new broadcasting regulations , are :

1). Distributers has to charge Rs. 130 only for 100 free to air channels and it is compulsory to show these free to air channels.

2). consumer can subscribe for additional channels in slabs  of 25 channels per slab ,with charge of 20 Rs /slab

3). Consumer can pay for paid channels  in form of bouquets made by Broadcasters as-well-as by the distributors.

Now there is great confusion in the minds of consumer as well as distributor about how charges to be paid for watching channels of their choice . If consumer selects 3-4 paid channels he has to pay 20 Rs . addtional to distributor & take one slab of 25 channels .Additional  charges required to be paid to  broadcaster by consumer .Every broadcaster have their own bucket of channels like sony has sixer pack at Rs. 39 and sixer HD pack at Rs 59 . So consumer has to take one bucket from broadcaster to see 2 or three channels of his choice.For paid channels from different distributor consumer has to select different boquet made by different broadcaster.

It is also being said same charges to be paid for every additional TV set used in single house .

Things are not very clear , so TRAI has extended due date to implement new guidelines upto 31st January 2019 .Let see how long it takes to make things crystal clear . 

No tarriff details for Tv briadcasting using android Apps

While TRAI has fixed capacity charges for cable operators at Rs 130 for showing 100 free channels no such guidelines issued for TV broadcasters using Android apps like AIRTEL TV, JIO TV. Any rise in monthly charge for waching channels through DTH or cable operator will be boon for APP based broadcasters like AIRTEL, JIOTV, Netflix, AMAZON PRIME .

Friday, December 28, 2018

free blogging tips for new bloggers part-III

Free Blogging Tips Part-III

What should be done after applying for Google Adsense

Once applied for Adsense approval new bloggers become curious about when they will get approval message .It is a human tendency that without benefit nobody wants to work . So as long as Adsense approval is not there no hard comes from heart because it is not paying you anything but this is really wrong. Before earning you must have a passion to write else you can't go long way. Because mere approval of Adsense will not fetch any results .

Check this

What is expected time to start earning from Your free Blog

First and foremost thing for earning is traffic to your blog and clicks on the page .while your application is pending for approval you should  give time to improve content of the blog, start working in Google search console and Google's Adwords.Once your adsense is approved you can login to Adsense to check your daily income. You can also start Affiliate marketing for earning if your are having good page views , conversion rate of Affiliate marketing is very low .

Google Search Console

Google search console is free blog service to check for errors , generate reports, crawling and indexing of pages and check coverage issues in your blog website.When you will open search console you will see when you click on performance

use of Google search console

it will show performance of your blog. 

URL inspection 

 In URL inspection , you can add URL of your any post and check whether it is being indexed or not , if it is not being indexed it will come in Google search results , so you need to add  sitemap of your blog or add page in old version of search console , once Google start indexing it will be displayed as below
Testing URL in google search console


This page will show errors on your blog, total errors Google detected or any other issue with pages in your blog.


It will display status of sitemap of your blog you submitted .If it is updated correctly Success will be displayed in status.

Mobile Usability 

It will tell about mobile compatibility of your blog website if there is any issue it will display.

These are the main functions of Google search console .

Google Adword 

This is one more free tool provided by Google to plan keywords for writing posts and get more revenue from your blog. It basically displays search volume of the keywords , bid rate of ads .It is better to plan keywords with high search volume and high bid value to increase revenue from blog views.
you can run your own ads or campaigns on Google Adword.

Bing's Webmaster tool

It is similar to Google Search console , and indexing on Bing will show your blog pages in yahoo search results . Options available in Bing Webmaster tools are mainly similar to Google search console , sitemap submission, and lot of other options .It will look like displayed as below.

BING search console for bing and Yahoo.if your request for Adsense  is rejected by Google , no need to worry , older your blog ,better are the chances for approval and you will get time to improve your blog ,to increase page views and most important you will get the patience which is  most desired thing to get success in blogging.


Hope this information is helpful , if you need any other information please write in comment section.

When 5G wireless network will be released in India

When 5G wireless network will be released in India

Although news on 5G  network trials worldwide is common these days. Present Government in India has pledged that India will not lag behind in launching 5G services and expected to start in 2020. But honestly common man may not soon get real 5G network .The reasons for it are obvious looking at history and pace of technological change  in India.

5G network  in India

Fierce competition in Telecom Sector and Huge Debt

It is to be noted that telecom services in India are cheapest in the world leaving very less margin for the operators to earn. Telecom operators are already under debt burden of more than 7 lakh crores.
While 5G network infrastructure needs huge investment ,how operators will repay their existing debt  in such market conditions is a big question.

Small Coverage area of 5G

5G wireless technology uses high frequencies in the 20-50 Ghz band thus coverage of such BTS will be one tenth of present 3G or 4G towers working in 2100 Mhz and 1/20th to 2G and 4G working in 800 and 900 Mhz band. To ensure proper coverage operators will be required further investment in the construction of tower ,along with upgrading existing mobile towers.

Costly 5G Devices

4G was first launched in 2012 by AIRTEL. It took 4-5 years till  late 2016 when common man experienced 4G services with cheap devices provided by RJIO. Still services offered by telecom operators in the name of 4G are not upto the 4G standars.While 4G  boast of 100-300 Mbps speeds , max speed experienced by users is below 25 Mbps. To give 5G services operators has to launch chep 5G devices bundled with monthly plans to make this technology accessible to common man .

Limitation of OFC media in cities

Although most of the telecom operators are having there ofc media for providing data bandwidth to mobile towers, still number of such towers are working on microwave links these towers needs to be connected with the optical fiber to provide bandwidth of 1 Gbps or more . While it seems quite easy but not the reality.
In cities which are already developed giving fiber to every tower require laying of fiber ,crossing of roads .In cities already Gutter line, pipelines , Electricity line are laid underground.Laying of fibers to every society or colony may cause damage to damage to these services . While cable operators uses electricity poles ,trees and rooftops without permission for overhead lines it can't be telecom operators. 

Scrapping of Old tower Equipments

While implementing new technology operators have extra burden of handling old equipments till all the customer migrate to new technology.

While GSM technology has lasted nearly 18 years  and will be in use for few more years ,3G is going to be scrapped as its spectrum is being used by old operators to provide 4G services . All operators are facing shortage of 4G spectrum , scrapping 3G is only solution to avoid further investment in Spectrum purchase. Customers using 3G needs to be migrated in 4G or customers are required to replace their devices.

Deficit of Rural infrastructure

While operators are planning for 5G services their main focus is on big cities from where they can generate sufficient revenue. While rural area is concern there is no sufficient infra and revenue generation where any opearator can bet on investment. While government is subsidising wi-Fi hotspot in rural areas this is limited to rural exchanges of BSNL with coverage of mere 100 meters and bandwidh of 2Mbps. Thus providing 5G services without interruption across the nation is day's dream.

What can be done by Government 

While it is a matter of debate that what Govenment can do to ensure that customers could not be cheated in the name 5G few suggestions are:

1. In cities state government should be involved  and common duct can be made by R&B across the roads and along the roads which can be utilised by all the operators for laying of fibers, for that operators could be charged.This will reduce the expenditure of operators. Alongwith 5G network require tower situated like streetlights situated in the divider , which is not possible without government's support.

2. Operators should be allotted spectrum in affordable price so that they could invest more in infrastructure to provide seamless services.

3. Services in rural areas to be subsidised  or hotspot with coverage of minimum 1 km should be installed with sufficient bandwidth.A sit is not possible to invest heavily in rural areas without revenue generation.

Although all the operators including Government owned BSNL are working with tehnological giants like, Nokia, Erricson,  etc to create environment for 5G services , Indian people may see mere upgrade of 4G or 4G+ in the name of 5G network without proper support from Government of India.  It is said that 5G wireless network will provide data speeds in 1-100 Gbps, while in India 4G could not touch 100 Mbps even after 2 years of service launch . Meanwhile AIRTEL have tested 500 Mbps speed during testing LAA technology recently but it yet to be implemented nationwide.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Steps for setting up page to easily approve Google adsense

Things to remember before applying for Google Adsense account

As soon as first post is published by new bloggers they start thinking about earning .What are the things by which a blogger can earn let us know it first .

You can check 

1. Google's Adsense

It is a service provided by google  , by which google displays on your blog and gives some portion of earning from ads to the blogger .

2. Media.Net

It is similar to google's Adsense but provided by Bing which is owned by Yahoo. To get approval from good traffic from USA, Canada or other Europian countries is required.

3). Affiliate Marketing

It is selling of products from your blog using affiliate links of Amazon, flipkart and other such  e-commerce companies.

Their are various other options available but for new bloggers these three are main focus, google's Adsense is the easiest one to start with .

What Should we do to get Google Adsense Approval

1. Before we apply for google Adsense at least 10-15 post or articles  should be published in our website.
2.Each post must be must be properly labelled and search description should be written .
3. Font size should be legible in desktop as well in mobile , Large or Largest fonts should be used . Proper use of Heading,Subheading and Minor heading must be done in the post.
4. Login to google's search console with your gmail ID.After login Click on Add property pop up will open 

enter Url of your blog , like , then click on continue , verification mail will be send to your mail to verify the ownership of your blog.
 Once verified you can view reports about your blog like any errors and clicks etc.

5. next step is to add sitemap of your blog ,free sitemap generators are available easily from where you can generate sitemap of your blog and save that sitemap and upload after clicking on sitemap under coverage .It will be like , your blog name(already written there)/sitemap.xml and then save .
 This sitemap will allow google to crawl your web pages in searches. 
6. If you don't want to use sitemap the go to old version of Search console click on Crawl and then on Fetch as google and add Url after your blog name as shown below:

and then click on Fetch, one by one fetch all posts and they will be listed below then click on Request Indexing, once Fetch status is shown as complete.

After doing all this check for any errors on your web page.

*Important Points For Adsense Approval

1). As per google policy everu blog must have Privacy policy page and About Page where you can inform your readers about yourself and privacy policies you follow. 

These pages will help in early approval of your Adsense account.
2). Avoid copying Content exactly from other blogs or websites google can detect it .

3) Try to avoid grammar mistakes .

How to apply for Adsense

 Search in Google ,Adsense login, you can login with your Gmail and click on sites and add Site and enter your blog address once verified your application will be submitted.

How much Time it takes to approve Adsense 

Usually it takes two to three days if it is taking longer chances are that application will be rejected . But no worry you can continue writing your content and apply again after sometime. Older your blog better are the chances . But try to improve your blog in content and display.

Hope this information will help if any thing left please comment in the comment section below , I will try to help.

If you are thinking to start a blog, read the post carefully

Things to know before starting a blog

Now a days everyone wants to earn by working online one of the best known and in demand profession is blogging. While it doesn't require any investment to start a blog by using WordPress or Google's blogspot. Although starting a blog doesn't require any investment but lot of hard work to generate to create content that can garners sufficient reader base. Before starting a blog you should keep two things in mind:

free blogging tips Blogging for Beginners Patrt-II

1.) Blogging needs content creation of your own for which one to do proper study or research.Copying other content may cause trouble.

2) Blogging needs discipline , if you can write regularly and keep pateince to grow your reader base then only you should start, as it may take one week or one year to get sufficient blog views.

How to start Blog In

First Step

Jut get a Gmail Id and login to after logging to , click on New blog at top left , you will see pop up like shown below

Now give title to your blog (which can represent your content)and desired bog address or website name  which will end with if available you will get the name , you can apply desired theme from the available list, then click on create blog,Its done your blog is ready but without content.

Second Step

Second step id creation of content , click on New post.You will see page shown below:

In the post Give title of your post, write your content in the blank page shown below. Use different heading types Heading,  Subheading, Minor heading in your post. When you are done .There are six options available in the right side . Labels is Category to define your post like, Fashion, Technology, News Etc.Schedule is not required  to use . 3rd option click on links, it will show your link address to the post, below which custom link is available , you can set your link as per your requirement.

Before publishing you can check preview of your blog how it will be displayed on publishing. Once verified you can publish your first post.

3rd Step

Click on Themes and you will see

Now click on settings icon under mobile section new pop up will show 

click on yes show mobile theme, preview will be displayed then save. This is needed to mobile comptiabilty of your web page and will be checked by google search console for crawling.

Step 4 

click on settings and add description of your blog in meta tag

and save .
This is the basic step for setting up your blog

Click here for Part-II

Monday, December 24, 2018

What is IELTS and advantage of IELTS for Higher Education

What is IELTS and different types ?

IELTS is International English Language Testing System .If you want to go for higher study(MS or MBA) in English speaking nations or  course in English in any foreign countries you are required to pass IELTS exam before getting VISA for the country. 

Not only study, if you want get a work visa or VISA for a stay you need to clear IELTS first, except tourist VISA and On-site work Visa.

Few Facts about IELTS

  • IELTS is conducted in nearly 140 countries at 1200 centers.
  • IELTS is conducted on 48 dates in a year ,means four times a month on Thursday or Saturday as per availability of candidates.
  • IELTS is organized in partnership by
  1. British Council
  2. IDP:IELTS Australia

Types of IELTS

Basically there are two types of IELTS exams both include written tests as well as personal interview :

1. IELTS  Academic

This is basically required for the students who wants to go higher education in any the foreign countries in English Language.This test includes some features of academic language and assesses you if you are ready to study and take training in the foreign country.This is the approach by all the institutions across the globe accepting IELTS.

2. IELTS  General

This test is to be cleared by those individuals who want to take secondary education, get training or work experience in the forign countries. This test is also desired for migration to United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Because this test judges to language skills of the individual for survival in these countries

IELTS Life Skills

One more version of IELTS is IELTS Life Skills. It is for people who need to prove their English speaking and listening skills at Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) Levels A1, A2 or B1.It is available in three levels :
  • IELTS Life Skills – A1 Speaking and Listening
  • IELTS Life Skills – A2 Speaking and Listening (offered in the UK only)*
  • IELTS Life Skills – B1 Speaking and Listening.
In 2016 UK modified rules for  IELTS Life skills. After two-and-a half-years in the UK, non-EEA national partners and parents on the family route will need to pass a speaking and listening test at level A2 in order to qualify, for further leave to remain on the five-year partner or parent route to settlement

Important Dates

Test DateModuleRegistration Deadline
Test Date 05/01/2019Module IELTS AcademicRegistration Deadline 27/12/2018
Test Date 05/01/2019Module IELTS General TrainingRegistration Deadline 27/12/2018
Test Date 19/01/2019Module IELTS AcademicRegistration Deadline 10/01/2019

Study Material For IELTS

Various websites provides free study Material for IELTS exams can also be purchased online.


1. Can we study abroad without qualifying IELTS?

Yes ,It depends on the university you are applying few universities allow GATE qualified students to study, you may check universities in Singapore.

2. Does one require to qualify IETS for going On-Site during Job?

No you Don’t require if going On-site .

3. Is there any alternate to IELTS?

Yes, TOEFL is an alternative to IELTS and accepted widely.

For details you can visit

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Airtel-Ericsson 4G Trial Hits 500 Mbps Download Speed on Smartphones using LAA over LTE network


Recently AIRTEL tested a new technology Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) with technology partner Erricson on its active LTE (4G) network to test speed upto 500 Mbps ,near tower and upto 400 Mbps at a distance of 180 Mtr. This can be seen as prepatory work for 5G by the Telecom Giant.

As per Nitin Bansal, Head of Network Solutions, South East Asia, Oceania and India at Ericsson, "LAA is a key evolution of mobile technology and we are pleased to be partnering with Airtel to demonstrate the increased capacity, improved speeds and enhanced user experience through the combination of licensed and unlicensed spectrum

Be ready to be under Vigil of  Security agencies

new MNP regulation 2018  by TRAI 

What is LAA?

Licensed Assisted Access(LAA) is a key technology by which operators can evolve their networks to achieve Gigabit LTE by opening up previously untapped resources of unlicensed spectrum, delivering speeds which were only possible over fibre earlier. LAA is a LTE technology that uses unlicensed spectrum in 5GHz band and licensed 4G band to offer better data speeds for mobile users.

LAA operates in the same 5 GHz band where WiFi operates and when deployed can serve as an alternate to carrier’s WiFi hotspots. LAA can work without interfering with wi-fi using Listen before Talk(LBT) technology that uses channels not used by Wi-fi , if free channels are not available it shares channels equally with the others.


LAA technology was developed and tested by Qualcomm in the year 2016. Qualcomm has pioneered in Spectrum sharing Technologies LAA,LTE-U and Multefire.

 These technologies are key enablers for GHz speeds to be provided in 5G networks.

Main Benefits of using LAA Technology.

Main benefits of using LAA technology over LTE are enlisted below:
  • As LAA uses unlicensed frequency in 5Ghz band no spectrum charges to be paid by operators.
  • Sharing of  data transfer on 5Ghz frequency will increase capacity of licensed 4G band ,as most operators are not having sufficient 4G frequency band to provide high speed data.
  • LAA can enable operators to launch Gigabit LTE.
  • LAA can provide alternate to  Wi-fi hotspots used for high speed data transfer 

LAA Image source:

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