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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Ambiguity and extension of one month for new Broadcasting Regulations by TRAI

Extension of one month for new Broadcasting Regulations by TRAI

As new boadcasting regulations issued by TRAI were to be implemented from today 29-12-2018 , cable operators in various parts of India opposed the decision by TV blackout.

Keeping the confusion among distributors and consumers TRAI extended due date for migration to new regime for one month upto 31st January 2019.

What is the problem with new Regulations

Important points in TRAI's new broadcasting regulations , are :

1). Distributers has to charge Rs. 130 only for 100 free to air channels and it is compulsory to show these free to air channels.

2). consumer can subscribe for additional channels in slabs  of 25 channels per slab ,with charge of 20 Rs /slab

3). Consumer can pay for paid channels  in form of bouquets made by Broadcasters as-well-as by the distributors.

Now there is great confusion in the minds of consumer as well as distributor about how charges to be paid for watching channels of their choice . If consumer selects 3-4 paid channels he has to pay 20 Rs . addtional to distributor & take one slab of 25 channels .Additional  charges required to be paid to  broadcaster by consumer .Every broadcaster have their own bucket of channels like sony has sixer pack at Rs. 39 and sixer HD pack at Rs 59 . So consumer has to take one bucket from broadcaster to see 2 or three channels of his choice.For paid channels from different distributor consumer has to select different boquet made by different broadcaster.

It is also being said same charges to be paid for every additional TV set used in single house .

Things are not very clear , so TRAI has extended due date to implement new guidelines upto 31st January 2019 .Let see how long it takes to make things crystal clear . 

No tarriff details for Tv briadcasting using android Apps

While TRAI has fixed capacity charges for cable operators at Rs 130 for showing 100 free channels no such guidelines issued for TV broadcasters using Android apps like AIRTEL TV, JIO TV. Any rise in monthly charge for waching channels through DTH or cable operator will be boon for APP based broadcasters like AIRTEL, JIOTV, Netflix, AMAZON PRIME .

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