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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Train 18 , India’s First Indigenous Engine less Train

Train 18 is First Indian train made under Make In India, an Initiative undertaken by Government of India. Train 18 is being called as Engine less train. Then the question arise that without an Engine how a train can run .Question is obvious but calling Engine less means that it is not having conventional Locomotive Engine which most old Indian trains are having. In place of Engine this train is provided with self  propelled Electric motors.

What is Different in Train 18?

In a conventional train , Locomotive Engine drags whole of the train coaches thus requires lot  of power . Acceleration and speed control in such train is very difficult. While moving engine less , Train 18 has EMU (Electrical Multiple Units) .Each wagon of train is connected to self-propelled Electric motors , thus driving each wagon and acceleration of the train is quick and controlling of train with individual coach braking also. As there is no engine train can be run in any direction, for that driver cabin is provided in both sides of the train.

What’s new in Train 18.

Concept of Electrical Multiple Units is already there for years and being used in metro and city trains. But for India it is not used in long distance trains till date. But train18 is the same number of coaches(16)  and capacity will replace Shatabdi trains . The main attractions of the train 18 are:

  1. 16 AC coaches with two executive ones. Driving coach has 44 seats.
  2. Trailer coach has 78 seats and executive chair car has 52 seats.
  3. Max speed: 220 kmph , crossed 180 kmph on its trail on 2-12-2018.
  4.     Two disabled-friendly toilets and space for baby care.
  5.    Special pantry units.
  6.    Train is equipped with Rotating chairs , LED lighting, GPS , separate charging points.
  7.   Train is equipped with a smart braking system consisting of regenerative and electro-pneumatic braking imported from Hungary. 

Importance for Indian Railways

Train 18 is Indigenously developed and manufactured at Indian Coach Factory Chennai. Total manufacturing cost of this trains is Rs. 100 crore which is half the cost of existing trains.

Most of train components of existing trains are imported thus raising the cost of the train while Most of the components of train 18 are purchased from Indian vendors.

This train is launched in record time of 18 months of its announcement and will replace Shatabdi trains on one day journey route.

Due to high speed this train can cut travel time by 10-15 % and having 50 % more power.

Train can run in both direction thus time used for change of Engine to change train’s direction will be saved.

 Train 18 is likely to be started in mid December on  Delhi- Bhopal route.

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