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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Steps for setting up page to easily approve Google adsense

Things to remember before applying for Google Adsense account

As soon as first post is published by new bloggers they start thinking about earning .What are the things by which a blogger can earn let us know it first .

You can check 

1. Google's Adsense

It is a service provided by google  , by which google displays on your blog and gives some portion of earning from ads to the blogger .

2. Media.Net

It is similar to google's Adsense but provided by Bing which is owned by Yahoo. To get approval from good traffic from USA, Canada or other Europian countries is required.

3). Affiliate Marketing

It is selling of products from your blog using affiliate links of Amazon, flipkart and other such  e-commerce companies.

Their are various other options available but for new bloggers these three are main focus, google's Adsense is the easiest one to start with .

What Should we do to get Google Adsense Approval

1. Before we apply for google Adsense at least 10-15 post or articles  should be published in our website.
2.Each post must be must be properly labelled and search description should be written .
3. Font size should be legible in desktop as well in mobile , Large or Largest fonts should be used . Proper use of Heading,Subheading and Minor heading must be done in the post.
4. Login to google's search console with your gmail ID.After login Click on Add property pop up will open 

enter Url of your blog , like , then click on continue , verification mail will be send to your mail to verify the ownership of your blog.
 Once verified you can view reports about your blog like any errors and clicks etc.

5. next step is to add sitemap of your blog ,free sitemap generators are available easily from where you can generate sitemap of your blog and save that sitemap and upload after clicking on sitemap under coverage .It will be like , your blog name(already written there)/sitemap.xml and then save .
 This sitemap will allow google to crawl your web pages in searches. 
6. If you don't want to use sitemap the go to old version of Search console click on Crawl and then on Fetch as google and add Url after your blog name as shown below:

and then click on Fetch, one by one fetch all posts and they will be listed below then click on Request Indexing, once Fetch status is shown as complete.

After doing all this check for any errors on your web page.

*Important Points For Adsense Approval

1). As per google policy everu blog must have Privacy policy page and About Page where you can inform your readers about yourself and privacy policies you follow. 

These pages will help in early approval of your Adsense account.
2). Avoid copying Content exactly from other blogs or websites google can detect it .

3) Try to avoid grammar mistakes .

How to apply for Adsense

 Search in Google ,Adsense login, you can login with your Gmail and click on sites and add Site and enter your blog address once verified your application will be submitted.

How much Time it takes to approve Adsense 

Usually it takes two to three days if it is taking longer chances are that application will be rejected . But no worry you can continue writing your content and apply again after sometime. Older your blog better are the chances . But try to improve your blog in content and display.

Hope this information will help if any thing left please comment in the comment section below , I will try to help.

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