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Friday, December 28, 2018

free blogging tips for new bloggers part-III

Free Blogging Tips Part-III

What should be done after applying for Google Adsense

Once applied for Adsense approval new bloggers become curious about when they will get approval message .It is a human tendency that without benefit nobody wants to work . So as long as Adsense approval is not there no hard comes from heart because it is not paying you anything but this is really wrong. Before earning you must have a passion to write else you can't go long way. Because mere approval of Adsense will not fetch any results .

Check this

What is expected time to start earning from Your free Blog

First and foremost thing for earning is traffic to your blog and clicks on the page .while your application is pending for approval you should  give time to improve content of the blog, start working in Google search console and Google's Adwords.Once your adsense is approved you can login to Adsense to check your daily income. You can also start Affiliate marketing for earning if your are having good page views , conversion rate of Affiliate marketing is very low .

Google Search Console

Google search console is free blog service to check for errors , generate reports, crawling and indexing of pages and check coverage issues in your blog website.When you will open search console you will see when you click on performance

use of Google search console

it will show performance of your blog. 

URL inspection 

 In URL inspection , you can add URL of your any post and check whether it is being indexed or not , if it is not being indexed it will come in Google search results , so you need to add  sitemap of your blog or add page in old version of search console , once Google start indexing it will be displayed as below
Testing URL in google search console


This page will show errors on your blog, total errors Google detected or any other issue with pages in your blog.


It will display status of sitemap of your blog you submitted .If it is updated correctly Success will be displayed in status.

Mobile Usability 

It will tell about mobile compatibility of your blog website if there is any issue it will display.

These are the main functions of Google search console .

Google Adword 

This is one more free tool provided by Google to plan keywords for writing posts and get more revenue from your blog. It basically displays search volume of the keywords , bid rate of ads .It is better to plan keywords with high search volume and high bid value to increase revenue from blog views.
you can run your own ads or campaigns on Google Adword.

Bing's Webmaster tool

It is similar to Google Search console , and indexing on Bing will show your blog pages in yahoo search results . Options available in Bing Webmaster tools are mainly similar to Google search console , sitemap submission, and lot of other options .It will look like displayed as below.

BING search console for bing and Yahoo.if your request for Adsense  is rejected by Google , no need to worry , older your blog ,better are the chances for approval and you will get time to improve your blog ,to increase page views and most important you will get the patience which is  most desired thing to get success in blogging.


Hope this information is helpful , if you need any other information please write in comment section.


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