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Sunday, December 30, 2018

What is Wireless network and its types

Wireless network and It’s Types Available in India

As the name suggest itself wireless network is network of connected computers or mobile devices without wire.

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How Wireless Network is created?

To create wireless network , access points are to be installed which can be connected by Laptops , mobiles and other wireless devices, thus making a wireless network.

Wireless Internet

When access points for wireless network are connected to Internet or Wide area network all the device connected with the access points are connected to Internet Service.

Difference between Wireless Internet service and Mobile Internet service

While it seems as there is no difference in Wireless Internet service and mobile internet service But Wireless Internet service has limitation that it is available upto certain range , while Mobile internet can be accessed anywhere with availability of mobile network.

Mobile internet services are not standalone services as voice services are provided along with internet while wireless internet service provides Internet service alone.

Types of Wireless Internet Services

Hotspots, and Wi-Fi broadband are the wireless Internet services while 3G & 4G provides mobile Internet services. 

Wireless Internet Service providers

Telecom operators AIRTEL and BSNL provides wireless internet services. BSNL provides wireless internet services using HotSpots and Broadband Wi-fi.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has already installed more than 15000 public wi-fi hotspots at famous tourist places and important places.

BSNL also provides Wi-fi broadband in all major cities. This wi-fi broadband service of BSNL is having very good download and upload speeds and can cover upto 5 km of distance from BSNL exchange.

Google’s project Loon for Wireless Internet

In 2016 Google was allowed to test its Project loon in India to provide wireless Internet. Project loon is a project of Google to provide internet services using floating balloons at 20 Km height in stratosphere above earth. Using these balloons Google can provide transmission of internet service. This project is already tested in New Zealand, California and Brazil.

Google was demanding spectrum in 700 Mhz to test this project but Government rejected this request and suggested to partner with telecom operators. While Google was in talks with Government Owned BSNL for Spectrum sharing ,this project could not be kick started in the need of permission from DGCA citing security reasons and no clear policy.

According to project loon website the life of such balloons is 190 days and data transfer can take place between two balloons upto distance of 100 km making network of these balloons and bu connecting them to service provider on the earth these balloons can provide wireless internet speed upto 10 Mbps to the consumers.
 This project is of great importance for far-flung areas where providing and maintaining  Internet services is really difficult.

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