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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Skills to survive in the era of artificial intelligence

With the increasing automation in this world employment avenues for humans are drying up day by day. In a report it is estimated that 40 % of unemployment in USA is generated  only due to automation in the industry. What will be scene once artificial intelligence will work everywhere is the big question.

How Artificial Intelligence can Effect employment?

As the name suggest artificial intelligence  is created  by  man artificially using software programming to use it in machines. This intelligence is  meant to use to solve the circumstantial problems ,like a man does. Whereas automation is simply doing the same thing repeatedly using machines and preset command software ,in place of a man.

Although automation has caused man loss of employment but still at places where, circumstantial decision making is required , machines are not able to replace man till now. But with the invent of artificial intelligence these places can also be occupied by machines powered with artificial intelligence.

Then how future generations can Survive in the era of Artificial intelligence?

In future to get employment and earn livelihood next generation need to be creative . Only creativity is the thing which can not be achieved using artificial intelligence.

Which are the fields to explore in future 

As I earlier stated that creativity is the only thing by which man can survive in the era of AI powered machines. Few examples where AI powered machines not likely to replace man are stated below:


While creating great content to read , there is nothing great what Artificial intelligence can do ,as it can use only existing data available to it , it can not generate its own content.


Designing is one other field where man can bring in new ideas which machines powered with AI can't do.

Medical surgeries

Although now days robotic arms are used in many surgeries but critical nuero and spinal surgeries can't be done without human intervention and it won't be easy to do so in future also because even a minor mistake can be disastrous.In such case artificial intelligence can't be trusted to be used in place of human.

Negotiations & dialogues

This is one crucial thing which takes places in businesses , between countries , settlement of personal disputes and require understanding to tackle unpredictable circumstance ,which can't be achieved using artificial intelligence.

Art & Music

Artificial intelligence can't work to develop art like dance & music . These things are gifts of god & only human can excel in these fields not machines.

Research and Development

R&D is one other field where machines with artificial intelligence can't replace humans. 


In nutshell the future is all about creativity, all repetitive wok will be replaced by machines powered with artificial intelligence. It is better to be aware than to be spectator.


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