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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and future with Artificial Intelligence

Mankind has made various inventions which has changed the world around us considerably. One of the such development which has evolved ,and going to change the world completely is "Artificial Intelligence".
The term Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy ,he demonstrated first running AI program in Carnegie Mellon University in 1956

Artificial Intelligence and Future with AI
         picture used is just symbolic

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

"Artificial Intelligence is system’s ability to correctly interpret external data, to learn from such data, and to use those learnings to achieve specific goals and tasks through flexible adaptation" in other terms it can be said that , Artificial Intelligence is intelligence developed in machines by human to analyse,react  like human using computer program or software.

This can be understood by the example ,if you want to go somewhere and  need to call a cab ,you can just give a voice command to machine powered with artificial intelligence , that machine can book you a cab with the given destination at desired time.

This is just one example but there are lot of other things which Artificial intelligence can do .

Application of Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence has not reached to its epitome yet ,it is still having number of applications right now .

Driverless cars 

Driverless cars has been already tested  & is operational in Texas. Soon it will be operational worldwide. As the name suggests these cars doesn't require drivers to drive but it works on artificial Intelligence ,using GPS ,route maps etc. These cars can understand visual signals like traffic signals and voice  of human  .

Using artificial Intelligence these cars can select best routes depending on traffic and traffic signal timings to reach the destination at shortest possible time.

Smart Home Appliances 

These devices are making inroads to homes , Amazon Echo  and Google smart speaker ,Home assistant are the devices using cloud based  artificial intelligence. These devices can understand human voice and accordingly work on behalf of man . These devices are capable of making calls, booking appointments, movie tickets, telling answers to your query searching on the internet .

                  Amazon Echo Dot    

 How Artificial Intelligence can be savior for Mankind?

In the medical fields it can be a game changer.In critical surgeries great precision and accuracy is required any minor mistake can cause threat to life of a patient . Robotic arms with artificial intelligence can really be a boon .Although robotic arms are being used in surgeries now a days but with human intervention.

Machines with Artificial intelligence can understand human behavior , symptoms of diseases and timely detect diseases & epidemic before they spread .

Artificial intelligence can save lot of time as huge data can be processed and analysed within seconds which is not possible for a human being .

Artificial Intelligence as a threat 

Although this aspect of artificial intelligence is being ignored at this time but surely it will  be matter of concern in future. Every technology has its bad effects so are of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence once reached to common man it will be affect efficiency of human ,Recently a case was reported in USA , when a kid took help from Alexa to solve his mathematics problem given by his mom. This is just a small example where artificial intelligence can be misused. 

Machines with artificial intelligence will definitely become a threat to employment. As machines can work round the clock, powered with AI  machines will become more efficient than man. Automation itself has increased unemployement in developed countries .When artificial intelligence will make inroads to industry it will definitely minimise human intervention thus employement is going to be major concern in future.

Various hollywood movies have already crated hypothetical situation of battle between man and machines, which may be reality sooner or later with growing use of artificial intelligence.

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