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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Data is new blood but don't let it be a disease

Indian Telecom Industry has seen a drastic change in last three years. Data has become the main source of income for telecom Industry. Voice services are almost free with the monthly data .But as a common man what has changed in your life. Is it a natural change or a change brought with some motives , it is a big question. To understand this you need to look back and analyse how things has changed in past years.

In the year 2007 Google launched its open source operating system android and in  2008 first android mobile was launched when Nokia was dominating Indian market with its Symbian operating system .Slowly smartphones came into market and android became the primary OS in most of the smartphones.With the increasing android users Google started Google play store in competition to iPhone App store. Google started collecting user information from android database. New versions of android updated which required high memory space in mobile .Thus user were compelled to buy new devices.


Will golden era return in Telecom and Aviation sectors, in India

Although people are too busy in social media entertainment platform like Facebook, Instagram, whats app ,LinkedIn,Tik-Tok  and Youtube. Very few are cautious about monitoring of user online activities and interests by these platforms. Marketing companies including google ,Facebook keeps track of viewing history of user and displays videos ,ads related to user interest . User after viewing ads of their interest may become a customer for companies giving ads. These companies are earning huge amount of money from the advertisers . People being addicted to these social media platform waste a lot of precious time ,and  money to pay for data charges and mobile devices.
While in India new records are being made for data usage by Indians .Everybody giving credits to RJIO for low data tariff war, which has enabled Indian users to access unlimited data and unlimited voice at throwaway prices. Although it is true that per GB data is very cheap now as compared to per GB data before 2016 , it is worth to note that telecom operators revenue from voice services has reduced considerably. To increase ARPU operators has to migrate users to data plans with unlimited calling .While monthly data charges are ranging from 149 to 190 Rs. still ARPU of most of the telecom operators is below Rs 100 except RJIO which is having mainly data user base.


 Unlimited data has compelled users to spend more time on their mobiles thus reducing physical communication among family members and friends . This in turn has affected very badly the emotional bonding in the society. A new trend of living virtual life on social media has evolved, causing dissatisfaction in personal life  as people has started to compare their life with the virtual life which is being displayed on social media.

Increased Cyber crime

Easy access to data and online banking and transactions has caused surge in cyber crimes. Cyber criminals easily access details of their targets on social media and use details to cause online frauds, blackmailing and other criminal activities.As per the reports incidents of cyber crimes has increased in India. “As per the information  tracked by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), a total number of 44,679, 49,455, 50,362 and 53,081 cyber security incidents were recorded during the year 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, respectively. Which clearly indicates easy access of data in India is one of the reasons why cyber crimes has increased. This figure may increase rapidly in future as still data user base in India is below 50%.

Peer pressure and addiction to technology

young generations specially school going students are feeling great peer pressure due high end mobile devices and frequent change of technology. Students belonging to rich families display their costly mobile devices and its features  to their classmates , due to this other students demands same from their parents .Thus financial burden on parents has increased and they are more worried about the study of their children. Various instances has been reported in recent past where students taken extreme step of committing suicide when their parents failed to fulfill demand for costly smartphones.

Changing Technology ,Automation and Threat to Employment

With rising data usage telecom operators and Internet service provider has to upgrade their network and technology rapidly ,thus requiring huge investment .With the rising competition the only way to cut cost , these companies are reducing employees. Companies looking towards automation in coming days there may be severe shortage of employment. Which is really a serious concern for a large country with huge population like India.

While many experts argue that with the advancement of technology new opportunities will be their for future generations but when India is suffering to fulfill the current need of skilled people.How next generation will get the opportunities. It is really difficult for a country like India where still more than 50% population lives in villages with no proper employment, education and healthcare. There is no clear road map of the Government how it is going to meet the rising needs of employment with the growing population and automation.

After the launch of RJIO Indian telecom market destabilized causing closure of many small operators and now government is planning VRS of 30 % of employees from BSNL. All this happened in just a short span of time from 2016-17 to 2018-19. Now focus of all operators is on 5G , which will further boost automation in many fields . Future will decide if technology will bring prosperity or hardship for India.

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