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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Why USA and European countries paying ISRO for satellite launch

In recent years ISRO has increased its satellite launches not only number of launches but number of satellite in single launch, also increased  by ISRO . It is a matter of great pride that Indian space agency has  mastered in low cost satellite launch .  Capability of launching multiple satellites by single rocket has created business opportunities for ISRO . Number of foreign countries are sending their satellites in space with the help of ISRO . Not only small countries like Kazakhstan & Indonesia  but also developed countries like USA, UK, Germany etc. are also hiring ISRO for satellite launch.

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Commercial launches of satellites for foreign nations are negotiated through commercial arm of ISRO that is ANTRIX. Till october 2018 ISRO has launched 249 satellites of 28 foreign countries.Between 2013 and 2015, India launched 28 foreign satellites for nine different countries earning a total revenue of US$101 million.

Why innovation is new fuel for prosperity of Indian economy

On 15 Feb 2017 ISRO successfully launched 103 satellites by single rocket . Out of 103 only 3 satellites were of India , remaining were foreign satellites .  While whopping 96 satellites were of USA while the others come from Israel, the UAE, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. By this launch ISRO created history by launching maximum number of satellites with a single launch .The previous record was held by Russia's Dnepr launcher which launched 37 in June 2014 .All of foreign satellites were launched by ISRO by PSLV(Polar Satellite launch vehicle) rocket


No doubt that Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has progressed significantly in space technology . But USA is already a space superpower and launched various space missions like on MARS ,  JUPITER etc. still it is taking ISRO's help to launch its satellites.There must be some solid reasons for that .What are these reasons.


It is acknowledged by whole world that ISRO is capable in low cost satellite launch . By hiring ISRO for satellite launch these countries are saving a lot of money to be spend on Rockets for satellite launch also they are avoiding the risk of loosig costly rockets in case of technical failure. 


 Chandrayan -I, launched on 22 October 2008 aboard a PSLV-XL rocket, was a big success for ISRO as the Moon Impact Probe, a payload on board the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, discovered water on the Moon. Apart from discovering water the Chandrayaan-1 mission performed several other tasks such as mapping and atmospheric profiling of the Moon.

The estimated cost of the mission was only 368 crore rupees which is much cheaper than many hollywood films.


This is a major concern for the countries in the coming years . thousand of satellites has been in the space by various countries which are rotating in the various orbits like , Lower earth orbit, Geostationary earth orbit etc. With the increasing number of satellites there is a risk of collision of satellites in space or damage from satellite debris entering in the atmosphere. To take note of these risk  Space liability convention has been  adopted by International Space Agencies. As per the convention the country launching satellite for any damage on earth or flight the the debris of the satellite . While utmost care is taken in selection of orbit of every satellite , risk arises after the useful life or failure of satellite when it can't be controlled from earth. In such case there chances of damage from the debris created by satellite in space and on earth a well. While most of the space debris burns while entering into atmosphere , still chances are there to cause some damage.
Thus by launching huge number of satellites for foreign countries ISRO has taken the added responsibility of compensation in case of any damage from these satellites.

ISRO is likely to launch "Chandrayaan -II" coming few months when it will try to land payloads on pole of moon which is not done by any other country . Hope ISRO will create yet another milestone with Chandrayaan -II. The estimated cost of the mission is just Rs . 800 crores .

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